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The study of Renaissance drawings allows for an intensive exploration of how artists constructed their works and how they thought often by reveal- ing the artists ideas through the examination of private images that were deemed inappropriate for more public viewing. Rethinking Renaissance Drawings presents new and original research from art historians and cura- tors from leading universities and museums across North America and Europe. Previous studies on drawings tend to focus on the work of one artist or a small regional group of artists. The essays in this collection address larger issues of the forms and functions of drawing in the Renaissance by explor- ing a variety of perspectives including discussions of the process of drawing the often unorthodox imagery of Renaissance drawings the collecting and copying of Renaissance drawings and the works of artists such as Michelangelo Raphael Bosch Parmigianino Annibale Carracci Guercino and Rembrandt. Some of the drawings discussed are exciting new discoveries published here for the rst time whereas others are familiar works but shown in a new light. Collectively these studies offer alternate views of Renaissance art and show more intimate aspects of a period that is often remembered for its paint- ings and large-scale public monuments. Contributors include David de Witt Rembrandt House Museum Stephanie Dickey Queens University Pierre du Prey Queens University David Ekserdjian University of Leicester David Franklin Archive of Modern Conict Catherine Monbeig Goguel Muse du Louvre Franziska Gottwald Amsterdam Sharon Gregory St Francis Xavier University Sally Hickson University of Guelph Michel Hochmann cole Pratique des Hautes tudes Cathleen Hoeniger Queens University Charles Hope Warburg Institute Paul Joannides Cambridge University Casey Lee Queens University James Mundy Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center Aimee Ng Frick Collection Sebastian Schtze University of Vienna Allison Sherman Queens Univer- sity Ron Spronk Queens University Steven Stowell Concordia University Nicholas Turner J. Paul Getty Museum and Catherine Whistler The Ashmolean. Una Roman DElia is an associate professor of art history at Queens University. 9 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 5 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S December 2015 978-0-7735-4636-3 125.00S CDN 125.00S US 87.00 cloth 8 x 10 456pp 147 drawings full colour throughout A R T H I S T O R Y Rethinking Renaissance Drawings Essays in Honour of David McTavish edited by una roman delia Essays on both newly discovered and famous drawings that reveal aspects of the Renaissance and how artists thought.