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Impelled by economic deprivation at home and spiritual ambition abroad nineteenth-century Irish clerics and laypeople reshaped the many sites where they came to pray preach teach trade and settle. So decisive was the role of religion in the worlds of Irish settlement that it helped to create a Greater Ireland that encompassed the entire English-speaking world and beyond. Rejecting the popular notion that the Irish were passive victims of imperial oppression Religion and Greater Ireland demonstrates how religion opened up a vast world to exploit. The religious free market of the United States and the British Empire provided an opportunity and a level play- ing-eld in which the Irish could compete and thrive. Contributors to this collection show how the Irish of all denominations contributed to the creation and extension of Greater Ireland through missionary and temperance societies media and the circulation of people ideas and material cul- ture around the world. Essays also detail the di- verse experiences of Irish immigrants whether they were Catholics or Protestants clergy or laypeople women or men in sites of settlement and mission including the United States Canada South Africa Asia Australia New Zealand and Ireland itself. Seeking to illuminate the interconnections and commonalities of the Irish migrant experience Religion and Greater Ireland provides fascinating insight into the range of inuences that Irelands religions have had on the world beyond the British Isles. Colin Barr is senior lecturer in history at the University of Aberdeen. Hilary M. Carey is professor of imperial and religious history at the University of Bristol. 3 7 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 5 I R I S H S T U D I E S H I S T O R Y O F R E L I G I O N Religion and Greater Ireland Christianity and Irish Global Networks 17501950 edited by colin barr and hilary m. carey Stimulating essays that break new ground on religion and Irish identity in modern world history. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S McGill-Queens Studies in the History of Religion November 2015 978-0-7735-4570-0 39.95A CDN 39.95A US 27.99 paper 978-0-7735-4569-4 110.00S CDN 110.00S US 76.00 cloth 6 x 9 480pp Ebook available