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Franois Truffaut 19321984 ranks among the greatest lm directors and has had a worldwide impact on lmmaking as a screenwriter producer lm critic and founding member of the French New Wave. His most celebrated lms include The 400 Blows Shoot the Piano Player Jules and Jim Day for Night and The Last Metro. A Truffaut Notebook is a lively and eclectic in- troduction to the life and work of this major cine- matic gure. In entries as brief as a page as well as in full-length essays it examines topics such as Truffauts mentors the autobiographical nature of his lms his place in the lm tradition his lm crit- icism his reputation his relationships with other directors and the formal and thematic coherence of his body of work. Sam Solecki also argues for Truffauts continuing appeal and relevance by ex- amining his inuence on lmmakers like Woody Allen Noah Baumbach Alexander Payne Patrice Leconte and Jean-Pierre Jeunet and on writers such as Julian Barnes Ann Beattie and Salman Rushdie. Because the book returns regularly to the authors shifting responses to Truffauts work over the last fty years it also offers an autobiographi- cal meditation on his own lifelong fascination with lm. Consisting of over eighty short entries and essays as well as provocative lists dreams and quizzes A Truffaut Notebook is an original and exciting text and a model of passionate engage- ment with cinema. In its idiosyncratic layering of personal memory with close scrutiny A Truffaut Notebook dupli- cates how many of us relate to lm allowing it to inltrate our lives in the same way that literature does. Soleckis digressive brilliance is exhilarating without question we are in the presence of a passionate mind that has absorbed an enormous amount of information not only about Truffaut but about cinema and its role in culture. Isabel Huggan author of Belonging Home Away from Home Sam Solecki is emeritus professor of English at the University of Toronto. 4 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 5 F I L M S T U D I E S A Truffaut Notebook sam solecki An unconventional and deeply engaging introduction to a major gure in modern lm. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S November 2015 978-0-7735-4624-0 34.95T CDN 34.95T US 23.99 cloth 6 x 9 272pp 12 photos Ebook available