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Canadas fragmented healthcare system is one of the most expensive among the oecd countries yet the quality of its performance is mediocre at best. Canada lacks a system-wide healthcare strategy that brings together many individual federal provincial and territorial strategies into a comprehensive and coherent whole. Managing a Canadian Healthcare Strategy is a collection of ten policy research essays by leading Canadian and international scholars who address three important questions. First if Canada had a unifying strategy how would the country measure its success and monitor its performance Second who are the agents of change to bring about a Canadian system-wide strat- egy Third how can the jurisdictional realities of Canadas political system be managed to bring about strategic reform The nal section in the volume explores ways to overcome the barriers and impediments that preoccupy Canadians concerns about healthcare. A companion volume to Toward a Healthcare Strategy for Canadians the contributors to Managing a Canadian Healthcare Strategy turn to the critical importance of how necessary healthcare changes can be best implemented. A. Scott Carson is Stauffer-Dunning Chair of Policy Studies and executive director of the School of Policy Studies at Queens University. Kim Richard Nossal is a professor in the Department of Political Studies and the Centre for International and Defence Policy at Queens University. The Canada Pension Plan disability benet is a monthly payment available to disabled citizens who have contributed to the cpp and are unable to work regularly at any job. Covering the programs origins early implementation liberalization of benets and more recent restraint and reorientation of this program Struggling for Social Citizenship is the rst detailed examination of the single largest public contributory disability plan in the country. Focusing on broad policy trends and program developments and high- lighting the role of cabinet ministers members of Parliament public servants policy advisors and other political actors Michael Prince examines the pension reform agendas and records of the Pearson Trudeau Mulroney Chrtien Martin and Harper prime ministerial eras. Shedding light on the immediate world of applicants and clients of the cpp disability benet this study reviews academic literature and government documents features inter- views with ofcials and provides an analysis of administrative data regard- ing trends in expenditures caseloads decisions and appeals related to cpp disability benets. Struggling for Social Citizenship looks into the ways in which disability has been dened in programs and distinguished from ability in given periods how these distinctions have operated been administered contested and regulated as well as how through income programs disability is a social construct and administrative category. Weaving together literature on social policy political science and disabil- ity studies Struggling for Social Citizenship produces an innovative evalua- tion of Canadian citizenship and social rights. Michael J. Prince holds the Lansdowne Chair in Social Policy at the University of Victoria and is co-author of Rules and Unruliness Canadian Regulatory Democracy Governance Capitalism and Welfarism. 2 7 M Q U P S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Queens Policy Studies Series School of Policy Studies June 2016 978-1-55339-502-7 39.95A 39.95A 27.99 paper 6 x 9 256pp S P E C I F I C AT I O N S May 2016 978-0-7735-4704-9 34.95A 34.95A 23.99 paper 978-0-7735-4703-2 100.00S 100.00S 69.00 cloth 6 x 9 312pp 18 tables Ebook available Managing a Canadian Healthcare Strategy edited by a. scott carson and kim richard nossal Struggling for Social Citizenship Disabled Canadians Income Security and Prime Ministerial Eras michael j. prince How Canadian citizens strive to access income support when they are disabled. P O L I T I C A L S C I E N C E H E A LT H S T U D I E S P O L I T I C A L S C I E N C E P O L I C Y S T U D I E S