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Founded in 1841 by a royal charter Queens University evolved into a national institution steeped in tradition and an abiding sense of public serv- ice. Propelled initially by its Presbyterian instincts and an attachment to Gaelic culture Queens has prospered and adapted over the years to match Canadas ever-changing dynamics. In this third volume of Queens Univer- sitys ofcial history Duncan McDowall demonstrates that the late twentieth century was a contest between expediency and tradition waged through crisis and careful evolution. Testing Tradition calibrates the durability of Queens vaunted traditions in the face of shifts in the broader Canadian society. During this time of massive post-secondary expansion Queens grew sevenfold from a small collegial campus of 3100 students to a sprawling cosmopolitan place of more than 20000 students from over 120 countries engaged in undergradu- ate graduate and professional programs. Measuring Queens Universitys responses to concerns over social diversity human rights and gender equity through the eyes of its trustees administrators students faculty and the Kingston community this volume pays particular attention to the experi- ences of women and visible minorities at the university. Copiously illustrated with photographs of important people events and aspects of campus life this volume shows how Queens in having its tradi- tions tested has worked to retain the best of its past while accepting the inevitability of change. Duncan McDowall is University Historian at Queens University and the author of The Sum of the Satisfactions Canada in the Age of National Accounting. Ofcially founded in 1821 the Montreal General Hospital is recognized as a pioneering institution in North America for the many discoveries in medical research made there and for its early association with the Faculty of Medi- cine at McGill University the rst medical school in Canada. Covering nearly 200 years of history The General relates the story of the hospital from its early development and founding to the transition and aftermath of its incorporation into the McGill University Health Centre in 1997. With contributions that show the perspectives of clinicians nurses sur- geons professors and administrators chapters chronicle the history of par- ticular departments and specializations of the hospital including cardiology dermatology endocrinology neurosurgery plastic surgery obstetrics emer- gency medicine pathology and radiology as well as nursing administration and governance. Among the major turning points in the history of the hospital were the introduction of autopsy pathology by Sir William Osler the debut of the electrocardiograph by Thomas Cotton in 1914 the discov- ery of a malignant tumour marker by Phil Gold and Samuel Freedman in 1965 its transformation from a community hospital serving anglophone Montreal to an internationally recognized academic centre during the 1950s and 60s and changes in governance due to the 1970 Quebec Medicare Act. Both a collective reminiscence and an extensive institutional history The General is an engaging account of one prominent hospitals origins and transformations over nearly two hundred years. Joseph Hanaway is clinical assistant professor of neurology at the Washing- ton University School of Medicine. John H. Burgess is emeritus cardiologist at the McGill University Health Centre and professor emeritus of medicine at McGill University. 3 2 M Q U P S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Published for Queens University April 2016 978-0-7735-4696-7 65.00A 65.00S 45.00 cloth 8.5 x 11 592pp 130 photos Ebook available S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Published for the Montreal General Hospital Foundation May 2016 978-0-7735-4685-1 65.00A 65.00S 45.00 cloth 6.5 x 9.5 664pp 170 images Ebook available Queens University Volume III 19612004 Testing Tradition duncan mcdowall How a national institution steeped in tradition adjusted to the momentous social pedagogic and cultural pressures of the late twentieth century. H I S T O R Y O F M E D I C I N EE D U C AT I O N The General A History of the Montreal General Hospital edited by joseph hanaway and john h. burgess A retrospective that offers an inside look at two centuries of an important North American hospital.