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The twenty-rst century is a period of great envi- ronmental and social transformation as climate change increasingly marks lives at levels that are personal familial communal national and global. A Canadian Climate of Mind presents stories that lay in the waters lands and climate of Canada and which have the potential to renew a compassionate energy for changing human relations with each other and with our world. The turbulent effects of climate change are popularly discussed in the modern language of scientic knowledge political policies economic mechanisms and technological innovation. While there is much to be learned from these views Timothy Leduc suggests a more profound call for change by returning to past understandings of the land and climate. He argues that the world is initiating us into a broader and humbler sense of what it is to be human in an interconnected reality. The world is doing this by responding to unsustainable practices such as our devastating reliance on fossil fuels. Weaving together voices from numerous back- grounds and time periods with Indigenous views on present and past environmental challenges A Canadian Climate of Mind illuminates a world that is being shaken to its core while we hesitate to act. Timothy Leduc presents solid and diverse sources and references in his study and skilfully navigates the contributions of Haudenosaunee Wendat and Anishinaabe thought and life to the larger public thinking about climate change. John Grim Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Timothy B. Leduc is assistant professor of social work at Wilfrid Laurier University. 2 M Q U P S P R I N G 2 0 1 6 E N V I R O N M E N TA L S T U D I E S I N D I G E N O U S S T U D I E S A Canadian Climate of Mind Passages from Fur to Energy and Beyond timothy b. leduc Foreword by William Woodworth Rawenokwas Looking at climate change not only as a feature of the physical world but also as a state of the human spirit. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S May 2016 978-0-7735-4762-9 34.95A 34.95A 23.99 paper 978-0-7735-4761-2 110.00S 110.00SS 76.00 cloth 6 x 9 384pp 34 photos Ebook available