Two centuries ago, many hundreds of Iroquois – principally from what is now Kahnawà:ke – left home without leaving behind their ways of life. Recruited to man the large canoes that transported trade goods and animal pelts from and to Mon- treal, some Iroquois soon returned, while others were enticed ever further west by the rapidly expanding fur trade. Recounting stories of Indigenous self-determi- nation and self-sufficiency, Iroquois in the West tracks four clusters of travellers across time, place, and generations: a band that settled in Montana, another ranging across the American West, others opting for British Columbia and the Pacific North- west, and a group in Alberta who were evicted when their longtime home became Jasper National Park. Reclaiming slivers of Iroquois knowledge, anecdotes, and memories from the shadows of the past, Jean Barman draws on sources that range from descendants’ recollections to fur-trade and government records to travellers’ accounts. What becomes clear is that, no matter the places or the circumstances, the Iroquois never abandoned their senses of self. Opening up new ways of thinking about Indige- nous peoples through time, Iroquois in the West shares the fascinating adventures of a people who have waited over two hundred years to be heard. “Iroquois in the West is a detailed and well- documented narrative history. Illustrating how much can be accomplished with meticulous analy- sis of primary and secondary source materials, Jean Barman has indefatigably tracked this little- known population of Iroquois travellers and settlers across the continent.” Jennifer S.H. Brown, professor emeritus, University of Winnipeg Jean Barman is professor emeritus at the University of British Columbia and the author of Abenaki Daring: The Life and Writings of Noel Annance, 1792–1869. 1 2 M Q U P S P R I N G 2 0 1 9 I N D I G E N O U S S T U D I E S • H I S T O R Y Iroquois in the West jean barman Intriguing tales of Indigenous peoples who made their homes across the North American West. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S ($Ht..7’d008L3 Uortm0 o8C U92ru028 c02t03 March 2019 -5,7a755pl7lnsl7n 4s-i-l£ bAU1 4s-i-l£ Dc1 kssi-- 6o602 -5,7a755pl7lnsh7- 4SSaiaac bAU1 4SSaiaac Dc1 k,,iaa $.9ru n B - ps,66 sa NVF txo:03 0g99T omot.oN.0