What does federalism have to do with the political struggle between conserva- tives and progressives over economic policy? How do economic theories of fiscal federalism influence European, North American, and global forms of governance? In the first comprehensive account of the left-right politics of multilevel governance across federal, regional, and global levels, Adam Harmes identifies both free-market and interventionist political projects related to fiscal federalism. Harmes argues that these political projects and the interests that promote them explain a diverse range of phenomena across national contexts, across levels of governance, and over time. This includes the left-right dynamics of US and Canadian federalism, the free-market origins of British euroscepticism and the Brexit vote, the complex politics behind the nafta renegotiations, and the emergence of both populist and progressive challenges to global free trade. A highly accessible outline of fiscal federalism theory, The Politics of Fiscal Federalism also expands upon the broader value and policy differences between neoliberal, classical liberal, and Keynesian welfare economics on issues such as the role of the state, subnational and global trade, economic nationalism, and monetary integration. This original and innovative work demonstrates that a political economy approach is essential to the study of federalism, and why federalism and multilevel governance is a critical area of study for political economists. Adam Harmes is associate professor of political science at the University of Western Ontario. Given its geographical expanse, Canada has always faced long-term transport policy issues and challenges. Canadian Multi-Modal Transport Policy and Governance explains how and why Canadian transportation policy and re- lated governance changed from the Pierre Trudeau era through the Chretien, Martin, Mulroney, Harper, and Justin Trudeau eras. With particular attention paid to the diversity and ongoing evolution of transportation policy since the 1960s, the broad distribution of regulatory authority across different levels of government, and the politicization of regu- latory regimes and investment decisions since the 1970s, the authors attempt to answer three critical questions: How and to what extent have policy and governance changed over the decades? Where has transport policy resided in federal policy agendas? And is Canada developing the policies, institutions, and capacities it needs to have a socio-economically viable and technologi- cally advanced transportation system for the medium and long term? A sweeping history of transportation policy in Canada that fills a gap in the existing literature, Canadian Multi-Modal Transport Policy and Governance concludes that transportation has been subordinate to other federal goals and priorities, delaying and eroding transport systems into the twenty-first century. G. Bruce Doern is distinguished research professor in the School of Public Policy and Administration at Carleton University and professor emeritus in the Politics Department at the University of Exeter. John Coleman is senior fel- low at Carleton University’s School of Public Policy and Administration, and retired vice president and director general in engineering and transportation research and development at the National Research Council of Canada. Barry E. Prentice is professor of supply chain management at the I.H. Asper School of Business, University of Manitoba. M Q U P S P R I N G 2 0 1 9 3 4 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S April 2019 -5,7a755pl7ln5l7S 4psi-l£ bAU1 4psi-l£ Dc1 kshi-- 6o602 -5,7a755pl7ln5h7h 4Ssaiaac bAU1 4Ssaiaac Dc1 k-niaa $.9ru n B - pah66 , roN.03 0g99T omot.oN.0 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S April 2019 -5,7a755pl7lnn-7a 4p-i-l£ bAU1 4p-i-l£ Dc1 kpsiaa 6o602 -5,7a755pl7lnn,7p 4Ssliaac bAU1 4Ssliaac Dc1 kSaaiaa $.9ru n B - h,,66 0g99T omot.oN.0 Canadian Multi-Modal Transport Policy and Governance g. bruce doern, john coleman, and barry e. prentice Analyzing federal transport policy in Canada over the past fifty years. The Politics of Fiscal Federalism Neoliberalism versus Social Democracy in Multilevel Governance adam harmes How conservatives and progressives lock in their eco- nomic policies through the institutions of federalism, regionalism, and globalism. P U B L I C P O L I C Y • P U B L I C A D M I N I S T R AT I O N P O L I T I C A L S T U D I E S • P O L I T I C A L E C O N O M Y