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When Anne Innis saw her rst giraffe at the age of three she was smitten. She knew she had to learn more about this marvelous animal. Twenty years later now a trained zoologist she set off alone to Africa to study the behaviour of giraffe in the wild. Subsequently Jane Goodall and Dian Fossey would be driven by a similar devotion to study the behaviour of wild apes. In Smitten by Giraffe the noted feminist reects on her scientic work as well as the leading role she has played in numerous activist campaigns. On returning home to Canada Anne married physicist Ian Dagg had three children published a number of scientic papers taught at several local universities and in 1967 earned her PhD in biology at the University of Waterloo. Dagg was continually frustrated in her efforts to secure a position as a regular professor despite her many publications and very good teaching record. Finally she opted instead to pursue her research as an independent citizen scientist while working part time as an academic advisor. Dagg would spend many years ghting against the marginaliza- tion of women in the arts and sciences. Boldly documenting widespread sexism in Canadian universities while also discussing Daggs involvement with important zoological topics such as homosexuality infanticide sociobiology and taxonomy Smitten by Giraffe offers an inside perspective on the workings of scientic research and debate the history of Canadian academia and the rise of second-wave feminism. Anne Innis Dagg is senior academic advisor in the Independent Studies Program at the University of Waterloo. 1 0 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 6 A U T O B I O G R A P H Y W O M E N S S T U D I E S Smitten by Giraffe My Life as a Citizen Scientist anne innis dagg One feminists personal account of researching animal behaviour and ghting sexism in Canadian universities. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Footprints Series October 2016 978-0-7735-4799-5 34.95T CDN 34.95T US 26.99 cloth 6 x 9 216pp 16 photos Ebook available