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The mind is made of pleasures and uncertainty inviting as it yearns to be both puzzle and adversity Full of philosophical digressions questions and answers Knots forms a series of cyclical narrations a kind of verbal chirality or mathematicians knot continuously mirroring its ideas and subject matter in a play of language and contrasting points of view. Flight of the Mind Measure of the Stars sets an itinerary and series of proposed directions for the book its poems introducing the mind in action laying down themes of art and memory reason and belief intimacy and desire. The nal sections are composed of verses that can also be read as parts of two longer interconnected poems. The Occupied Mind enticingly pulls us deeper into philosophical questions and answers about the needs of the mind and the ambiguities of love. The central conceit of Minutes offers sixty meditations that are both a measure of time and testimony as well as a witnessing and confession of what takes place within a changing relationship. Confronting the riddles and dualities of mind and heart Knots provokes a layered interplay of reason paradox code and cipher from our daily thinking and feeling. Actively engaging with the spoken strategies of thought the nature of art and our always unpredictable evolving experience of love we quickly discover the mind and heart are rarely what we expect. Edward Carson is the author of Birds Flock Fish School and Taking Shape. He lives in Toronto. Tracing a series of journeys real and imagined Kelly Norah Drukkers Small Fires opens with a section of poems set on Inis Mr a remote Irish-speaking island off the west coast of County Galway where the poet-as-speaker dis- covers the ways in which remnants of the islands early Christian monastic culture brush up against island life in the twenty-rst century. Also present is a series of poems set in the Midi-Pyrnes and in the coun- tryside around Lyon. Linked to the shorter poems in the collection by land- scape theme and tone is a set of longer narrative poems that give voice to imagined speakers who are each in a different way living on the margins. The rst describes a young emigrant womans crossing from Ireland to Canada in the early twentieth century where she must sacrice her tie to the land for the uncertain freedom of a journey by sea while a second depicts the lives of silk workers living under oppressive conditions in Lyon in the 1830s. In detailed and musical language the poems in Small Fires highlight aspects of landscape and culture in regions that are haunted by marginal and silenced histories. The collection concludes with a long poem written as a response to American writer Paul Monettes autobiographical work Borrowed Time An AIDS Memoir. Kelly Norah Drukkers work has appeared in journals in Canada the UK and Ireland. She lives in Montreal. 1 8 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S The Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series August 2016 978-0-7735-4767-4 16.95T CDN 14.95T US 11.99 paper 5 x 7.5 160pp Ebook available M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 6 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S The Hugh MacLennan Poetry Series August 2016 978-0-7735-4770-4 16.95T CDN 14.95T US 11.99 paper 5 x 7.5 128pp Ebook available Knots edward carson Poems sculpted from the persuasive mind erratic heart and enigmatic art of loves most devious puzzles. P O E T R YP O E T R Y Small Fires kelly norah drukker Poems that illustrate the stories that lie buried in landscapes and in human lives.