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Catherine Marshall was a vital gure in the womens suffrage movement in Britain before the First World War. Using her remarkable political skills on behalf of the major non-militant organization the National Union of Womens Suffrage Societies nuwss she built close connections with major suffragist politicians leading some in all three parties to consider adopting a measure of womens enfranchisement as a party plank. By 1913 Marshall was uniquely placed as a lobbyist with inside informa- tion and sympathetic listeners in every party. Through her the dynamically re-organized nuwss brought the womens suffrage issue to the fore of public awareness. It pushed the Labour Party to adopt a strong stand on womens suffrage and raised working-class consciousness re-awakening a long-dormant demand for full adult enfranchisement. Had the general election due in 1915 taken place nuwss nancial and organizational support for the Labour Party might well have been substantial enough to inuence the nal results. These impressive achievements were forgotten by the time Catherine Marshall died in 1961. Jo Vellacotts revealing account of Marshalls politi- cal work also includes vivid descriptions of a liberal Victorian childhood a strangely purposeless young adulthood and the heady experiences of women who through the awakening of political consciousness forged a lifestyle to t their new aspirations. Jo Vellacott is an honorary fellow at the Simone de Beauvoir Institute Concordia University. After the Second World War progressives and traditionalists waged a quieter battle over schools. In Between Education and Catastrophe George Buri connects the educational debates of the 1950s to the broader Canadian postwar political conversation about the social welfare state and Keynesian versus laissez-faire models of liberalism. Working skilfully with primary sources contemporary publications and a rich array of secondary sources Buri examines debates over curricula the purpose of high school teacher training rural schools and standardized testing in Manitoba. The progressives who advocated for a new liberal- ism characterized by government intervention and the social welfare state sought to create a system of public schooling that would both equip students to succeed and enlarge their political vision by encouraging compromise and democratic decision making. They promoted more practical subjects child-centred classrooms and the use of psychological expertise to promote life adjustment. Meanwhile self-styled traditionalists such as Hilda Neatby thought progressive education undermined the individual competition and achievement at the root of a laissez-faire economy calling for a return to the basics an elimination of frill subjects and a more academic focus for the public education system. A frank consideration of conict power and inuence within school systems Between Education and Catastrophe brings to light compelling social cultural and philosophical themes within the history of education in Manitoba. George Buri is a sessional instructor in the Department of History at the University of Manitoba. 3 0 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 6 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S December 2016 978-0-7735-4827-5 100.00S CDN 100.00S US 77.00 cloth 6 x 9 296pp Ebook available S P E C I F I C AT I O N S July 2016 978-0-7735-4802-2 39.95A CDN 39.95A US paper 6 x 9 544pp World rights except UK Eire and Europe Ebook available n e w i n pa p e r From Liberal to Labour with Womens Suffrage Second Edition The Story of Catherine Marshall jo vellacott With a new preface by the author Vellacotts illuminating story tells of the life and work of a woman who made an important contri- bution to suffrage and later to peace activism and contains outstanding research on an impor- tant topic. Deborah Gorham Carleton University C A N A D I A N H I S T O R Y E D U C AT I O NH I S T O R Y W O M E N S S T U D I E S Between Education and Catastrophe The Battle over Public Schooling in Postwar Manitoba george buri A detailed account of the educational debate that raged between progressives and traditionalists in postwar Manitoba.