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Encounters with wild animals are among the most signicant relationships between humans and the natural world. Presenting a history of human in- teractions with wildlife in Alberta Manitoba and Saskatchewan between 1870 and 1960 Wildlife Land and People examines the confrontations that led to diverse consequences from the near annihilation of some species to the extraordinary preservation of others and skilfully nds the roots of these relationships in peoples needs for food sport security economic development personal fulllment and identity. Donald Wetherell shows how utilitarian prac- tices in which humans viewed animals either as friendly sources of prot or as threats to their eco- nomic and personal security dominated until the 1960s. Alongside these views however other atti- tudes asserted that wild animals were part of the beauty mystery and order of the natural world. He outlines the ways in which this later attitude gained strength after World War II distinguished by a growing conviction that every species has ecological value. Through a century in which the natural landscape of the prairie region was radi- cally transformed by human activity conicts de- veloped over fur and game management over Aboriginal use of the land and over the preserva- tion of endangered species like bison and elk. Yet the period also saw the creation of national parks zoos and natural history societies. Drawing on a wide array of historical sources and photographs as well as current approaches to environmental history Wildlife Land and People enriches our understanding of the many-layered relationships between humans and nature. Donald G. Wetherell is professor emeritus of heritage resources management at Athabasca University. 3 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 6 C A N A D I A N H I S T O R Y E N V I R O N M E N TA L S T U D I E S Wildlife Land and People A Century of Change in Prairie Canada donald g. wetherell A wide-ranging study of peoples diverse and often contradictory relationships with wild animals in the prairie provinces after 1870. S P E C I F I C AT I O N S October 2016 978-0-7735-4791-9 49.95T CDN 49.95T US 38.00 cloth 6.5 x 9.5 616pp 67 bw photos Ebook available