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The words left and right often signal a political divide in debates about topics as diverse as abortion capital punishment gun control law and order social welfare taxation immigration and the environment. Despite claims that political polarization is in decline its persistence suggests that it is inherent to our society. At the same time variations in the perception of each side indicate that these labels do not fully capture the reality of ideological disagreement. In Left and Right Christopher Cochrane traces the origins of this politi- cal language to the very nature of ideology. What is ideology what does it look like and how does it manifest itself in patterns of political disagreement in Western democracies Drawing on ve decades of evidence from political scientists including public opinion surveys elite surveys and content analy- sis of political party election platforms Cochrane employs a new method to analyze the structure and evolution of the leftright divide in twenty-one Western countries since 1945. He then delves into the central argument of the book that the language of left and right describes a meaningful percep- tible and quantiable pattern of political disagreement that has persisted over time and around the world. Calling for an adjustment to the way we view Canadian politics Left and Right opens a window into the world of political ideologies a world we see every day but rarely analyze dene or agree on. Christopher Cochrane is assistant professor of political science at the University of Toronto. Richard Harriss now classic study on trade and industrial policy was written for the Royal Commission on the Economic Union and Development Pros- pects for Canada also known as the Macdonald Commission. First pub- lished in 1985 when the Canadian economy faced dramatic changes arising from the emergence of manufacturing competitors among newly industrial- ized nations and increased protectionism in the US its recommendations were instrumental in the negotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement. Addressing the key issues surrounding the design and choice of policies for the Canadian economy Trade Industrial Policy and International Competi- tion reviews the theory and evidence concerning trade liberalization as a mechanism to enhance economic growth disinvestment in sections that are disadvantageous in the international marketplace and future problems for the marketing sector caused by increasing competition from developing countries. Drawing from many streams of conventional economic thinking Harris de- velops an original and sophisticated model for assessing the broader economic impacts of trade liberalization on the Canadian economy. He concludes that free trade and industrial policy should be regarded as complementary not substitutes for one another and recommends a free trade agreement with the United States as a top priority. A new introduction by David Wolfe situates this work within its time and shows how Harriss analytical insights and policy prescriptions are as relevant today as they when they were originally crafted three decades ago. Richard G. Harris is professor of economics at Simon Fraser University. David A. Wolfe is professor of political science and co-director of the Innovation Policy Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs University of Toronto. 3 0 M Q U P F A L L 2 0 1 5 S P E C I F I C AT I O N S October 2015 978-0-7735-4579-3 34.95A CDN 34.95A US 23.99 paper 978-0-7735-4578-6 100.00S CDN 100.00S US 69.00 cloth 6 x 9 256pp 28 gures 1 photo 4 tables Ebook available S P E C I F I C AT I O N S Carleton Library Series October 2015 978-0-7735-4597-7 34.95A CDN 34.95A US 23.99 paper 978-0-7735-4596-0 100.00S CDN 100.00S US 69.00 cloth 6 x 9 300pp Ebook available Left and Right The Small World of Political Ideas christopher cochrane How leftright ideology has evolved in the postwar era and changed Canadian politics. E C O N O M I C H I S T O R YP O L I T I C A L S C I E N C E Trade Industrial Policy and International Competition Second Edition richard g. harris With a new introduction by David A. Wolfe An economic prescription for Canada.